SIGN Corporate Compliance

SIGN has established a Corporate Compliance Program, which sets forth a set of rules and standards intended to promote ethical behavior, and to detect and prevent violations of applicable laws and regulations (US and international), as well as SIGN’s own policies and procedures. SIGN is subject to numerous international, federal, and state laws and regulations. We are committed to conducting all of our business activities in compliance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

The SIGN Compliance Management Team has been established and consists of individuals from cross-functional departments responsible for monitoring and reviewing activities to ensure consistent and compliant practices. SIGN is committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct and to strictly complying with the guidelines, rules, and regulations that govern our global business practices. SIGN operates under corporate responsibility best practices to drive the core values of integrity, ethical behavior, professionalism, and trustworthiness, which allows us to demonstrate our commitment to compliance excellence and exemplary corporate citizenship. As a humanitarian aid organization, beyond corporate responsibility best practices, SIGN has a duty and obligation to safeguard our organization’s reputation and financial and legal standing in order to continue to be in a position to create equality fracture care throughout the world.


If you have questions, learn of, or suspect, a violation of the policies, procedures, or applicable laws and regulations in connection with the conduct of SIGN’s business, you are encouraged to report that information immediately by contacting the Chief Compliance Officer, Sandy Brown, at 509.371.1107 or

As an alternative, questions and reports of violations or suspected violations can also be made electronically via email to SIGN’s Chief Executive Officer, Jeanne Dillner, at Employees may also contact their supervisor/manager.

SIGN has provided this link to enable you to report your concern in a confidential and anonymous manner. This reporting program may be used for the report of a variety of ethics, integrity, and compliance issues. In submitting a report, you may remain anonymous or identify yourself and provide information as to how SIGN can contact you directly if additional details are desired. In either case, your information will be treated confidentially.

To submit a report, or to follow up on a report already submitted, please use the form link below. You will also find a link to SIGN’s Code of Business Conduct. All complaints filed in good faith shall be handled promptly and confidentially.