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More than half of the world lives on less than $5.50 per day. When a person living in a low- or middle-income country breaks an arm or leg, it can easily send their whole family spiraling into poverty—a breadwinner can’t work, a student can’t go to school, and a caregiver can’t provide for their family. SIGN Surgery enables a patient with a fractured bone to walk in 1 day, leave the hospital in 1 week, and be back at work in 1 month. SIGN Supporters enable us to donate surgical instruments and implants at no cost to hospitals or patients, so that every person who needs healing surgery can access it.

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The SIGN Squat and Smile


How a photo shows healing

When patients return to the hospital for 6-week and 12-week checkups, SIGN Surgeons ask them to squat and smile. If the patient is able to hold themselves in the squat position and smile, it shows that they have returned to full function.

  • Deep knee bend shows restored range of motion.

  • The squat position stresses the fracture site, testing that bone fragments have healed in the correct position.

  • The patient’s smile shows that they are pain free.

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