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Restoring Lives

“Society is really benefiting from this. SIGN is very important, especially to the patients that we treat, because they recover quickly and return to their activities.”

- Dr. Kennedy Nchimbi / Tanzania


Explore SIGN Products, designed specifically for use in developing countries.


volunteer overseas

Change the course of orthopaedics forever

We send qualified orthopaedic surgeons to SIGN Programs around the world to learn our SIGN Technique! Our volunteers assist with surgeries at our busiest programs and help provide training to surgical residents. Most trips last just a week or two, but our volunteers find that the value of their training and the friendships they make last a lifetime. We will work with you to find opportunities and schedule your visit.

Complete the Overseas Volunteer Application to begin.


Start a SIGN Program.

SIGN Programs are established in hospitals where hospital administration, department heads, and surgeons agree that the SIGN Implants are to be used without charge for the poor. Do you know a hospital that would benefit from SIGN’s involvement? Are you interested in starting a SIGN Program? Join SIGN in our mission to help patients in need.

Fill out the program application to get started.



What is a SIGN Program? A SIGN Program is a hospital that uses SIGN Instruments and Implants. Each SIGN Program is run by a Program Manager. SIGN Programs are required to report their patient cases in the SIGN Surgical Database. SIGN Surgeons have the opportunity to collaborate with and learn with our staff, board members, and volunteer surgeons who review these cases daily.

Who are Program Managers? Program Managers are orthopaedic surgeons who work on site at a specific SIGN Program. Program Managers are responsible for maintaining their hospital’s SIGN Instruments and Implants, recording cases in the SIGN Surgical Database, and communicating with the SIGN Program Office via email.

Does my hospital qualify for donated SIGN Instruments and Implants? To receive donated SIGN Instruments and Implants, we require SIGN Programs to report their cases that use the SIGN Nail in the SIGN Surgical Database. We use the SIGN Surgical Database to evaluate patient healing and improve our SIGN Instruments and Nails.

SIGN Implants are used to treat the poor. They are not for sale, or commercial use.


How does reporting work? Each case reported in the SIGN Surgical Database must have the following:

  • Basic patient information

  • A pre-operative x-ray

  • A post-operative x-ray

  • A follow up report at 6 and 12 weeks post-surgery (including x-ray or Squat and Smile image)

You can find more information in our Reporting Policy.

What comes in an initial SIGN Set?

Each SIGN Set comes with 50 Standard Nails, 20 Fin Nails, 190 Interlocking Screws, Insertion Instrument Set, Extractor Instrument Set, Reamer Set, and Instrument Trays. Replacement implants are provided based on reports entered on the SIGN Surgical Database. Read more about our SIGN Instruments and Implants.

How do I start a SIGN Program? Email a completed program application to


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