Party with a purpose

Make any event an opportunity to provide healing to those in need.

Host a party for a great cause

Because who doesn’t love a party? Make any event—birthday, community gathering, wedding, bike race—an opportunity to campaign on behalf of SIGN.


Simply notify us of your upcoming event and start your campaign. Next, share your event with friends via email, social media, or text. Invite others to join in your cause when you Party with a Purpose! 


Birthdays, weddings, retirement, graduation, and other parties. Summer BBQ, community gatherings, or church events. Make any upcoming event a cause to rally around.



1. Create your event campaign page. Visit PARTY4SIGN to get started. Click Become a Fundraiser and enter your name, phone number, and email address.

2. Customize your page. Add personal photos, descriptions, and stories. You can also set your goal amount, and add a photo. Choose something unique to you - this is your opportunity to share what draws you to SIGN!

Check out our Social Media Kit for photos and text ideas

3. Spread the word. Share with friends, family, and others via email, social media, or text. Get others involved in our cause!