Become a fundraiser

fund·rais·er /ˈfəndˌrāzər/ noun

“A person whose task is to seek financial support for a charity, institution, or other enterprise.”

Step one


With more than 50% of the world’s population living on less than $5.50 per day, a disabled family member who cannot work may drag the entire family even further into poverty.

Most hospitals in developing countries are not equipped to deal with the rising epidemic of trauma injuries. They treat fractures with traction or plaster casts, which force the patient to be immobilized for three months. Even then, the outcome is unreliable, as the bone may heal improperly.

Untreated bone fractures can easily lead to lifelong pain and disability.


Step three


This is the fun part! Get the word out by posting on social media, sharing via email, and talking to friends. You can even share your campaign link by text. Get others involved in your cause by explaining to them SIGN’s mission and your personal connection.

Be sure to check out our SIGN Social Media Kit for ideas about what to post—words, hashtags, photos, and more!

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Step two


Choose a goal amount, pick a photo, and write your story! Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to kick-off your campaign. Customize your fundraising page with more information about yourself and your connection to SIGN.

Need ideas of what to say? Feel free to ask. Our creative team loves coming up with new ideas.